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Immediate Goals :

Our immediate goals are to create a Trauma Center at the General Hospital of Tripoli and at the General Hospital of Kefalonia.


Medical Equipment offered by "Pediatric Trauma Care" from June 2010 to Children's Hospitals. Also Medical Seminars and classes on Trauma Prevention financed by our Charity :

''Aghia Sophia'' Children's Hospital 
Total € 267.863,05 read more

''Paidon Pentelis'' Children's Hospital
Total € 183.945,99 read more

''Aglaia Kyriakou'' Children's Hospital 
Total € 87.631,89 read more

''Ippocration'' Thessaloniki's General Hospital 
Total € 129.437,00 read more

University Hospital of Irakleion-Crete ''PAGNI''
Total € 193.469,94 read more

''University Hospital Evrou'' in Alexandroupolis
Total € 56.903,00 read more

General Hospital of Arta
Total € 15.744,00 read more 

''Andreas Papandreou'' General Hospital in Rhodes
Total € 71.516,59 read more  

General Hospital of Syros "Vardakeio and Proio"
Total € 37.479,00 read more

''Axillopouleio'' General Hospital in Volos
Total € 32.143,42 read more  

General Hospital of Lamia

Total € 14.297,73 read more

''Karamandaneio'' General Hospital in Patras
Total € 70.000,00 read more

University General Hospital of Larissa
Total € 40.947,32 read more

Aretaieio Hospital
Total € 7.016,40 read more

Hospital of Kastellorizo
Total € 8.962,53 read more

''Vostanio'' General Hospital in Mytilini
Total € 9.440,25 read more

General Hospital of Samos ''Aghios Panteleimon''
Total € 25.011,02 read more

General Hospital of Leros
Total € 33.712,38 read more

General Hospital of Kilkis
Total € 35.203,88 read more 

Corfu General Hospital 
Total € 64.753,73 read more

''Skylitseio'' General Hospital of Chios 
Total € 14.293,08 read more

General Hospital of Karpenisi 
Total € 40.000,00 read more

Health Center in Sifnos 
Total € 1.200,00 read more

Health Center Karlovasiou in Samos 
Total € 6.726,79 read more

General Hospital of Zakynthos ''Aghios Dionysios''
Total € 19.147,79 read more 

General Hospital of Chalkidiki
Total € 36.117,40 read more 

General Hospital of Pyrgos ''Andreas Papandreou''
Total € 53.122,20 read more 

General Hospital of Larissa
Total € 32.266,25 read more

Health Center of Ebona in Rhodes
Total € 4.781,48 read more 

Health Center of Hydra
Total € 6.699,60 read more 

General Hospital of Livadeia
Total € 12.916,56 read more

General Hospital of Ioannina "G. Hatzikosta"
Total € 24.065,70 read more

General Hospital of Serres
Total € 21.102,66 read more

General Hospital of Thessaloniki «G. Gennimatas - Ο Aghios Dimitrios»
Total € 9.870,70 read more  

Health Center of Samothraki
Total € 9.425,80 read more 

University General Hospital ''ATTIKON''
Total € 30.282,45 read more 

General Hospital of Kastoria
Total € 13.680,90 read more

General Hospital of Karditsa
Total € 4.664,50 read more 

General Hospital of Trikala
Total € 25.886,19 read more

General Hospital of Chania "St. George"
Total € 33.423,13 read more

General Hospital of Rethymno
Total € 39.345,15 read more

University General Hospital of Ioannina
Total € 19.607,34 read more

General Hospital - Health Center of Filiates
Total € 14.261,80 read more

Health Center of Paxos
Total € 10.242,90 read more

General Hospital of Veria
Total € 15.000,00 read more

E.K.A.V. (Ambulance Service) 

Total € 3.813,00 read more

Athens Nursing Home-Merciful Society of Athens 
Total € 1.455,00 read more

Other Organizations 
Total € 5.142,00 read more

APLS Hellas (Advanced Paediatric Life Support "APLS" Seminars) 
Total € 83.479,21 read more

Education on Trauma Prevention 
Total € 96.500,00 read more

Total cost for the project of ''Pediatric Trauma Care'' 
€ 2.074.015,70 read more


Pedtrauma is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which was founded in 1998 in Athens by a small number of doctors and parents. Its sole purpose was to raise awareness on children's accidents in Greece, reduce their number and severity and to improve care once an accident has occurred.

From 2010 up to the present date over 700.000 children have benefitted from our Charity (of which 220.000 benefitted in 2018).

Statistics show that up to 500,000 children are injured every year through car accidents, falls, burns, drowning, electrocution and poisoning. About 700 accidents are fatal and 3.000 end in permanent disability. In a country with a population of roughly 10.5 million people this number is huge.

"Pedtrauma" is making a great effort to change the above statistics through the implementation of the following:

a) By opening Trauma Centers in all the major Public Children’s Hospitals in Athens and throughout Greece.

b) By upgrading and equipping the Paediatric Departments and Clinics of the Hospitals and the Health Centers with the necessary machinery.

c) By financing seminars where specialized doctors train surgeons, doctors, nurses, and Ambulance Paramedics on how to help the injured children the fastest and best way possible. We have already managed to train 1.589 doctors, nurses, and Ambulance Paramedics.

d) By educating children on trauma prevention. In particular, we visit schools and talk to children, teachers and parents on how to prevent accidents from happening. To date we have spoken to 44.471 children and 3.060 teachers and parents. It has been statistically proven that by introducing Trauma Prevention into schools the number and severity of accidents occurring has been reduced by up to 50%.

More specifically we have managed to upgrade and equip 53 Departments in 45 Hospitals / Trauma Centers:

Trauma Centers : We have built and equipped 25 Trauma Centers in the following Hospitals:

- "Paidon Pentelis", thanks to the sponsorship of John V. Vardinogiannis (year: 2011).

- "Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriakou", thanks to the "Stavros Niarchos" Foundation (year: 2012).

- ''Ippocration'' Thessaloniki's General Hospital, thanks to ‘’OTE-COSMOTE’’ (year: 2014).

- The University Hospital "PAGNI" in Irakleion, Crete, thanks to the Companies ‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’, ‘’Hellenic Petroleum’’ and an Anonymous donor (year: 2014).

- The ‘’University Hospital Evrou’’ in Alexandroupolis, thanks to the ‘’John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation’’ (year: 2014).

- The ‘’Andreas Papandreou’’ General Hospital in Rhodes, thanks to the Companies ‘’Hellenic Petroleum’’, ‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’ and ‘’John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation’’ (year: 2015).

- The ‘’Axillopouleio’’ General Hospital in Volos, thanks to the Company ‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’ (year: 2016).

- The General Hospital of Lamia thanks, to the Family George Giouroukou (year: 2016).

- The ‘’Karamandaneio’’ General Hospital in Patras, thanks to the ‘’OTE Group of Companies’’ (year: 2016).

- The University General Hospital of Larissa, thanks to the ‘’OTE Group of Companies’’ (year: 2016).

- The ‘’Vostanio’’ General Hospital in Mytilini (year: 2016).

- The Corfu General Hospital, thanks to the hotel MarBella Corfu (year: 2016).

- The General Hospital of Karpenisi, thanks to the ‘’OTE Group of Companies’’ (year: 2017).

- The General Hospital of Chalkidiki, thanks to Sani Resort & Ikos Resorts (year: 2017).

- The ’Andreas Papandreou’’ General Hospital of Pyrgos, thanks to the Company ‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’ (year: 2017).

- The General Hospital of Livadeia, thanks to the Company MYTILINEOS S.A. (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Larissa, thanks to the “Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”, MYTILINEOS S.A., PAPAPOSTOLOU N. S.A., DRAEGER HELLAS, SIGMA MEDICAL, KOTSOVOLOS and the “Théâtre Grec de Genève”. (year: 2018).

- The University General Hospital ''ATTIKON'', thanks to the “OTE Group of Companies” (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Karditsa, thanks to VISA (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Trikala, thanks to VISA (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Chania "St. George", thanks to the ‘’OTE Group of Companies’’ (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Rethymno, thanks to the ‘’OTE Group of Companies’’ (year: 2018).

- The University General Hospital of Ioannina, thanks to the Company MYTILINEOS S.A.(year: 2018).

- The General Hospital - Health Center of Filiates, thanks to the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and the Greek Shipowners’ Social Welfare Company SYN-ENOSIS within the framework of the programme “Collaborating for Health” (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Veria, thanks to the Company “COSMOTE” (year: 2019).

Paediatric Departments: We have upgraded 19.

 Paediatric Clinics: We have upgraded 6.

• Intensive Care Units / Neonatal Units Level II: We have upgraded 3.

• We have offered 797 machines and equipment to the Hospitals’ Paediatric Departments.

The total cost of our project from 2010 up to the present date comes to € 2.074.016.


Latest news

  • Easter Lottery 2019

    happy Easter 1

    We would like to inform you that "Pedtrauma", in it’s efforts to raise funds, is holding an Easter Lottery.

  • Current Requests

    ameses englishPlease find here attached a list of the requirements of medical equipment for the Paediatric Departments of Hospitals, for the program ‘’Training of Medical and Nursing Staff in Paediatric Trauma Care and also for the program ‘’Education on Trauma Prevention’’.